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TNT MIS’ client had a screw breakdown on a Wednesday, and they did not have a backup screw. Due to this, almost the entire division of their plant was down. The client called on a Thursday afternoon asking for the screw conveyor to be back in working order as soon as possible. They called someone else first, but they were unable to deliver it in their timeframe. Ryan was already familiar with the screw conveyor and they also had a drawing to send over. The screw conveyor in question was a 9-inch screw with a 3-bolt connector. The full diameter of the flight is 9 inches, and the length is 10 feet, 9 inches. It is not a stock piece that companies have in stock already assembled. Ryan found a company to form up the flights and ship the pipe to TNT in Potosi, MO via courier from Cedar Rapids, IA on Thursday evening. TNT assembled, welded, and delivered it the next morning. The flight had to be welded to the pipe.


All the other companies gave them a week turnaround time; TNT MIS had it completed the next day on Friday and charged less than $3,000. This was successful because TNT had the right resources and refused to take no for an answer, especially when a plant is down. No is not an option. The client was thrilled and couldn’t believe it.

Success Stories

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