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Deep in the heart of the Midwest is a company that owns various quarries and supplies high quality stones for both residential and commercial projects. In their day-to-day work, they use an eagle saw to cut through 4-inch-thick limestone; the saw blade is 11.5 feet in diameter.  Several years ago, an employee mistakenly broke off a drill bit in one of the rocks, which resulted in the hub breaking when the saw went through it. The sawblade is $34K with a 12-week lead time to get it. The company was going to throw the sawblade away or paint it to put in the front yard at the quarry for decoration. Ryan Shade of TNT MIS talked them into letting him take it. Ryan spoke to a machine shop, machined the hub, made another set of hubs, had everything balanced, and had the sawblade back within one week. The repair cost $7.8K, substantially less than the $34K repair due to not having to buy a brand-new saw. That blade has outlasted their other ones and the hub has kept everything well balanced.

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