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TNT was founded in 2016 by ACME Constructors.


ACME bought the operation in Mineral Point from the LaGesse family who had built the business for nearly 20 years. Instead of remaining the largest customer of the business, ACME decided to invest in the operations and equipment and improve the quality of the output by purchasing the business.


The name "TNT" is a play on the, now common, recognition of the "ACME" name as made famous by the cartoons. 

TNT continues to grow its technology and lines of service, while providing the outstanding customer service to all existing and new customers.


The TNT Difference

The TNT team pursues manufacturing excellence with a customer centered mix of quality, service, and price.  


  • Capable of running long run production jobs with accuracy and speed​

  • Possesses the design capabilities to complete custom prototype projects​​

  • Provides customer support for machined or fabrication needs​​

  • Performs repair work or reverse engineer parts with quick turnaround

Click here to meet the team.

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