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Perfection in Machining

My sons are very fond of telling me; “Dad, I can’t be perfect.” Reluctantly I agree with them. Perfection is not attainable in today’s world. We seem to be hurtling at breakneck speed in the opposite direction. We seem to have adopted an attitude of ‘good enough to get by’. But if you do not strive for perfection, then you will never reach your full potential.

​In the manufacturing world, standards are high. When time is short, and tolerances are tight, mistakes and subpar performance can cost a company money and quite possibly customers. It can be hard to combat the prevailing mindset as pride in a job well done seems to be taking a back seat to putting in hours with many in the workforce.

I see a multitude of problems with this mindset. I have always worked under the motto of, “Perfection is the goal. Excellence will be tolerated.” I got this saying from my high school band teacher. He was hard on us, but we were indeed excellent. His toughness and unwavering commitment to excellence rubbed off on all of us.

At TNT Machining and Fabrication, our passion is putting our customers first by producing quality parts and assemblies. Every weld, every hole, and every surface is created with the caring eye of a craftsman. From the top down, our team is looking to find the most efficient way to produce the parts our customers ask for. To us, quality is a key component of efficiency.

The thing is, the pursuit of perfection is just that, a pursuit. It is a process that, if done right, has no end. For many shops, getting started on this journey takes a back seat to the day to day stuff that keeps a shop running. Some may believe dedicating time to quality is difficult to do when deadlines are looming. However, this is just the time to focus on quality. It is when shops are the busiest that quality problems tend to pop up.

Detailed and complete quality systems are an important step to the process. Taking the time to develop a system that works for you will produce dividends down the road. The key to quality is details. Produce a record that leaves nothing to chance, with every dimension accounted for and every operation held to an accountability standard.

At TNT, we understand that the time lost because of a quality problem can cost real money. We also understand the relationship that companies share with their suppliers is built on trust and expectation that every part is made to specification and done in the timeframe agreed upon. The companies we work with trust that these expectations will be met. Trust is a core value at TNT. It is the backbone of our company and the reason we work so hard to produce quality products.

If you are looking for a supplier of quality metal products, give us a call to talk about your project and the part we can play in its success.

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